The Independent Life


The Independent Life

January 13, 2022

This week we continue the message of gratitude and sharing the independent life from the perspective of our guests within the Independent Living network. We have had the privilege of interviewing guests from all walks of life, across all age groups, with vastly different experiences, and an abundant amount of life lessons to share. We hear from leaders who have dedicated their life work towards making a difference in their community, champions for the people who strive to advocate for those unable to advocate for themselves, artists who are forging the path for disability representation in the media, educators and researchers working to examine access and support for those with disabilities, students learning to navigate their way through the education system and gaining resilience through the journey, and established legal professionals who’ve left their corporate career to make a difference in nonprofit work. These perspectives and countless others is what makes the independent living network so impactful, powerful, supportive, and life changing. Join us in leaning into the experiences of those paving the way for advocacy for all.


Listen to the full episodes from our guests featured on this episode:

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