The Independent Life


Supporting Families and Raising Independent Children with Debra Saenz

December 16, 2021

Debra Saenz was born and raised in Gadsden County Florida, where she still resides today. She has been an L.P.N. for over 30 years and has worked in retail pharmacies, hospitals, pediatrician offices and the WIC program. Today, she is employed by the State of Florida in the Title V program as a Family Leader providing a family voice with stakeholders in the Big Bend area. She is the proud mother of 32 year old twin boys who have autism.

Debra joins us on this episode to help widen the lens on the world of disability from the perspective of a parent, caregiver, and professional. She shares her experience on raising her sons, who are diagnosed with autism at an early age; attending school in the early 90s where there was very little to no support from teachers, administrators, or from the school system. Debra shares her journey of how she coped with this reality and how she navigated through the challenges to help her sons thrive in life. Her journey has helped her become the person she is today; it has allowed her a pathway into working with parents and families, helping them through these challenges, to give them the resources to be the best parents and support for their children that they can be.




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