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Self-Advocacy and Youth Leadership with Sarah Goldman

April 8, 2021

Sarah Goldman is the Director of Administration and Youth Initiatives at the Florida Independent Living Council. Having previously worked as a legislative aid and being a voice for people with disabilities, she talks about her experience and journey in advocacy. Sarah unpacks what it takes to be an advocate for people with disabilities, the challenges she’s faced and how its helped to shape her into the best version of herself so that she can better serve others. Sarah provides us with a lens into what its like to be young with a disability. She talks about how having a disability has given her a strong foundation for resiliency, the ability to adapt, and having an open mind. Sarah is an advocate for youth leadership and talks discusses the importance for self-advocacy for people with disabilities at a younger age.


To learn more about The Youth Leadership Forum and how to apply, visit:


Florida Independent Living Council, Inc.

1882 Capital Circle NE. Suite 202

Tallahassee, Florida 32308

Phone: 850-488-5624

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