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Never Give Up Advocating with Jane Johnson

March 17, 2022

The 2022 legislative session has been quite the roller coaster ride. Jane joins us once again on today’s episode to share an update to the end of the legislative season. While the process may be messy and feel discouraging along the way, making an impact requires consistent effort to yield progress over time and to allow continual movement forward. The election in November will bring new faces to the senate so it is important for CILs to get to know their legislators and meet their elected officials so they can see the good work being done in the community. There is always work to be done; a lesson to take away from this legislative season is that its never over until its over and to never give up advocating.


For helpful general information and links to the House and Senate websites, statutes, the Florida Constitution and a directory of Florida lobbyists visit: Online Sunshine

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