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Florida Disability and Health Programs with Claudia Friedel

March 31, 2022

Claudia Friedel managed the University of Florida’s portion of the Florida Disability and Health Program (FDHP) for over 11 years. The FDHP was one of 19 CDC-funded, state-level Disability and Health grants working to make evidence-based health promotion programs accessible to persons with disabilities. Claudia first came to work for the FDHP after receiving her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Florida. Her past experiences interacting with children and persons with disabilities fueled her motivation to make the program a success.

The FDHP coordinated with several programs to ensure they were being inclusive of children and persons with disabilities by working closely with the Florida Department of Health and various other state-wide and National disability programs to implement adapted evidence-based programs with inclusion in mind. The FDHP implemented adapted school health programs at several Florida elementary schools and adapted Diabetes Prevention Programs in several counties, as well as training healthcare providers on the importance of being disability competent.

Claudia now works for a private healthcare company and enjoys spending her time with her husband and two young boys.




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