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Disability Through the Lens of a Family Member with Kathy Powell

December 23, 2021

What does the world of disability look like from the lens of family; a mother, a father, brother, sister? Kathy is a mother of two children who have disabilities, who are now young adults. She joins us on this episode to share her rich experiences in this role- what it’s like to receive an early diagnosis of autism for your 8 month old baby and what it’s like to process that information. She shares the experiences she had raising children with disabilities; how it impacted her friendships along the way and what parents with children with disabilities may need to learn about the friendships they have with others. She shares her perspective on teaching young people with disabilities how to be self-advocates. Kathy gives tremendous insight and specific experiences that her children have gone through and dives into what family networks in disabilities is all about.

Kathy is also the Project Director for the Parents of the Panhandle Information Network for the Family Network on Disabilities. FND’s mission is to strive for complete integration and equity of people with disabilities in a society without barriers. They serve all persons with disabilities and advocate for inclusion, quality of life, and quality for individuals with disabilities. They serve families of students 0- 26 years. FND provides technical assistance to families and over 30 different workshops, presentations on individualized education programs. They hold 3 parent training and information (PTI) grants, funded by the US Department of Education.




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