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Disability Dojo: Spring Renewal

April 4, 2022

Spring is a time of renewal and blossoming of life. On today’s dojo, Tony shares how he sees his life occurring in seasons and just like the onset of spring- the new season ahead allows us to be renewed with fresh energy and inspiration. He talks about how we can integrate spring and the newness of it, into advocacy. At Centers For Independent Living, just as in life, there will always be issues that will never fully be solved because these issues will long outlive all us.

Spring has a way of offering a sense of renewed energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to address these ever present and infinite issues that will always be a cause for work to be done. While routine is important to the ways we operate, variety is also necessary to really change things up and, to see and do things differently. While ongoing issues may seem familiar, there is a newness and freshness to these issues with a new season because there may be new eyes now be present to see the situation from different lenses and provide different perspectives. It is important to have a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration to tackle these ever present issues that will be with us for a long time. Spring brings newness to provide a burst of renewal for continuing on the path to always improve upon ourselves and the organization we serve, helping us to achieve our goals.


If you have topics you'd like for us to discuss with our community and listeners, leave a comment or contact us at! We'd love to have guests participate with Tony on our Disability Dojos- so if that person is you, reach out and let us know!

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