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Disability Dojo: Humility

February 28, 2022

On today’s dojo, Tony talks about what he considers to be one of the highest virtues and values that we as humans, can embrace: humility. What is humility, what is it not? The Oxford Dictionary defines humility as a modest or low view of one’s own self importance. Another definition of humility that Tony has found to be more fitting for himself personally, is that humility is freedom from pride and arrogance.

On this episode, Tony talks through the life lessons he’s learn, especially in regards to disability through the lens of humility and providing services. He shares that often times, his entryway into humility is going through an experience where he feels vulnerable, when he’s needing to ask for help- and in doing so, he’s leaning into his fears and insecurities. When he is then in a position where others are asking him for help, it provides him a life experience to draw upon and have empathy for others that he recognizes are coming from a place of vulnerability and perhaps just needing some assistance. A valuable lesson he’s learned is how humility provides an opportunity to be grateful for the things you have and to be of service.


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