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Disability Dojo: How to Beat the Resistance

February 14, 2022

On this dojo, we continue the dialogue on how we are all called to live our life’s purpose and it is our job to find what that purpose is. Unfortunately, many of us have an un-lived life because the of the resistance, an invisible force that can felt and heard, preventing us from living our calling. On this episode, Tony shares some strategies on how to beat the resistance, which aims to bring us down:

  1. Understanding and having faith that resistance is something that’s real
  2. Awareness and observing the resistance; being aware of the resistance and it’s negative voices and redirecting your awareness to more positive thoughts
  3. Be a professional; show up to do the work that’s necessary to not allow resistance to bring us down
  4. Having order and routine in our life to keep us on track and protect us against the resistance that will show up in our day to day lives
  5. Asking daily questions to set your mindset and intentions for the day: What can I look forward to, what do I need to look out for, and where can I bring the joy?
  6. Building a wall of virtue; what wall of virtue do we need to build to fortify ourselves against the resistance
  7. Patience; being able to have the patience with ourselves as we journey on this path of always having to face that resistance
  8. Self-love; loving ourselves enough to go live our calling
  9. Treating success and failure the same
  10. Be free from the opinions of other people
  11. Be inspired and not passionate; to be inspired is to be within our spirit
  12. Specific skill based strategies on how we can beat the resistance
  13. Memento Mori: Realizing our own mortality and living our life like this is our last day and living it to the best of our capabilities




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