The Independent Life


Disability Dojo: Cultivating Unconditional Love For All

January 17, 2022

Love is a spiritual condition that helps us to find meaning and purpose in our lives. Today’s dojo is a continuation of the previous dojo where Tony talks through the importance of having a mission or vision statement for ourselves, to help guide us through another new year. On this dojo, Tony talks about unconditional love for all and shares how unconditional love breaks down for him, in his life.

Today is also Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. Tony takes this this time to talk about his message and his vision, and how love ties into a lot of what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. And one of his most powerful messages is perhaps the message of loving one another. It is in this message of love that we need to look towards to in order to be united, to overcome our differences, and to create a harmonious society.



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