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A Conversation on Mortality with Mark Bennett

March 10, 2022

On today’s episode, we welcome back Mark Bennett, who joins Tony in a vulnerable conversation about death and losing loved ones. Mark shares the lessons that he’s learning from death and also, how it relates to organizational growth. Mark conveys how organizations need to prepare with coming to terms with letting go of old habits or patterns of doing business, and how we need to let go of the notion of returning to how things were before the pandemic. He dives into how organizations can grow from deaths of certain aspects that may be holding the back their progress. Mark also offers advice on how to reconcile relationships within a organizations or within families.

Mark brings tremendous value on this episode. On a personal level- we are all going to experience the passing of loved ones, and learning how to move through that process helps us in our personal lives. On an organizational level- how can we be apart of an organization in a way that helps it grow and achieve its mission, especially now when we are challenged in ways we’ve never been challenged before and how we can live to be our highest purpose every day.


Mark D. Bennett is the principal of Uniting by Design LLC, a consulting firm with a mission to help leaders unite organizations that deliver superior results, earn ethical reputations, and adapt to change. 

He left the practice of law for graduate study in counseling psychology and family therapy. Then, he began to work with a wide range of organization disputes as a full time mediator. These disputes included staff, leaders, and boards of businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and international organizations.

Twenty five years ago, he shifted his focus from cleaning up organizational problems to promoting organizational health. He serves as a workshop presenter on leadership, teaming, conflict resolution, values-based decision making, and creative collaboration. He is also a leadership coach and facilitates collaboration, wise planning, and critical decision making. 

He has written three books:

  • Uniting by Design: the Architecture of Creative Collaboration (2021) - a practical guide to building collaboration in organizations, leadership teams, work teams, alliances, and partnerships.
  • A Field Guide to Good Decisions: Values in Action (2006) – the practical steps of ethical decision making to make difficult decisions with integrity, accountability, and credibility.

The Art of Mediation, 2d edition (2005) – the skills of conflict resolution and principled negotiation to help people bridge differences, make agreements, and make peace.


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